5 Things You Should Avoid When Organising a Wedding

Planning a wedding is complicated. There are a lot of people and moving parts involved plus many small details to iron out, that’s why being organised is key to success. Here are things you should avoid when organising a wedding:

1) Booking a Wedding Venue Before Creating Your Guest List

When planning a wedding, booking a wedding venue should be one of the top priorities because most of the venues fill up fast. However, before booking the venue, have a rough idea of how many people will attend the wedding. This will ensure that the venue booked will hold everyone who will attend the wedding.

2) Blowing Your Budget

Usually, setting a wedding budget can be difficult, but this doesn’t mean you have to flee. Do not panic if you underestimated expenses. Instead, try to come up with a solution with your fiancé. Here is a site with more information on London wedding shops.

3) Ordering Your Wedding Gown Too Late

If you are buying a wedding gown that needs ordering or customising, do it 9 months before the wedding date. Also, most ready-made wedding dresses require alterations, hence you should have enough time to make sure the dress is fitted properly. Leave enough time for shipping plus for your fitting. Do the same when it comes to bridesmaid dresses.

4) Not Hiring a Videographer

Many brides think that they do not need a videographer after hiring a photographer. Having high-quality pictures is important, but photos cannot capture voices, gestures and mannerisms of family and friends. A videographer will make sure that everything that happens on the wedding day is recorded. You will have a video to watch and re-experience the special day in the future.

5) Inviting Any Non-Wedding Guests to Your Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is typically a gift-giving party that should be celebrated with family and close friends. Inviting anyone to a bridal shower who is not invited to your wedding is not a good idea. The only exception is when it’s a workplace bridal shower, whereby coworkers join in and take part in an office celebration. If an office bridal shower involves a few coworkers, couples may decide to include them in their wedding guest list. This makes discussing details of the wedding at the workplace less awkward.

Choosing a wedding venue has a great impact on your event. Attendees, catering options and the wedding date are all affected by the venue chosen. Royal Lancaster London is the perfect venue for weddings because they have spectacular ballrooms.


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