Tips when Travelling to Bangkok for Medical Treatments

Bangkok is a leader in medical tourism with excellent hospitals, internationally trained doctors, modern equipment and excellent post-surgery recovery facilities.

Medical tourism is hugely popular abroad because prices are cheaper, you have the chance to explore a foreign country and the medical specialists and facilities are top notch. Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, for instance, offers more than 20 VIP suites and is the largest private hospital in Southeast Asia.

Accommodation you Can Rely on

Bumrungrad is big on medical tourism and perhaps the reason for this is the Thai health care system, which is advanced and affordable. Many times Thai doctors study abroad, acquiring new skills which they bring back to the country. The best Bangkok hospitals are luxurious and upbeat, putting patients right at home.

Hotels in Bangkok are close to these facilities and medical tourism agencies help patients to have stress-free accommodation arrangements in the city by suggesting the best. The beautiful Lancaster Bangkok offers superb hospitality where you and your family can stay in luxurious rooms while in the city and be superbly taken care of.

■ Tip number one is to choose an accredited medical tourism agency. This way you can be sure that high standards are in place when arranging flights and accommodation.

Accreditation simply shows that a company can be expected to deliver quality services.

■ Make sure the hospital you pick is accredited. You don’t want to fly all the way to Bangkok for botched treatments. You want quality surgery and extraordinary recovery opportunities that are safe. Some of the bigger hospitals have more facilities than the smaller clinics.

■ You want to be sure that you deal with English-speaking staff that have the know-how and skills to cater to international patients. Medial tourism requires everyone being understood and communicating in one universal language so that misunderstandings can be avoided.

■ You get treatment packages – a combination of medical procedures where the price includes all medical and hospital fees. Sometimes it’s the hospital that offers these all-inclusive packages, but other times it’s the medical tourism company. These packages take care of all aspects of the medical tourism trip right through to post-operative aftercare and some sightseeing.

■ Before you return home, make sure you have copies of all your medical records of your time in Bangkok.

For the thousands of people who opt to come to Bangkok for medical treatments, the best travel agents smooth the way for you and show you the best.


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